A Night with Deadpool (no spoilers discussion)


I had the opportunity to see Deadpool the other night in Imax and it was fantastic I highly recommend if your on the fence about seeing it that you go.

From the opening credits all the way through Deadpool created laughter that filled the theatre. Right away,¬†we can clearly see the time and effort used to put together complex film making and rich content. The first thing I noticed was the epic amount of attention to detail: we can see hidden easter eggs everywhere including funny posters, pamphlets and hello kitty merchandise that is associated with the Deadpool character. In one scene we even see Wade carrying a backpack, and though we just see the strap, it is very clearly a green Cadpat issued pack. This underlines the character’s Canadian military background and I found these small details¬†added authenticity even though it was only seen for about 5 seconds.

The story is very typical for an origin story (in plot) and though many will complain that it lacked in depth, I found it stayed very true to how a comic would have told the story. Not being a comic reader myself I must admit I felt intrigued with this type of story telling and I am actually interested (as a writer) in picking one up this week from my local comic corner to see how closely they resemble each other. Hearing about how Ryan Reynolds himself has extensively read the series, I have no doubt in my mind that I will find I am right.

To say this movie was a riot is expected, but one thing that surprised me was the amount of drama packed into it. Throughout the movie, despite his character, we feel enormous sympathy and in some cases empathy for Wade himself as we see into his relationship, his heartbreak and finally his pain. The studio has done a fantastic job blending the edgy humour and action of deadpool with the heartstring pulling ability of a tragedy.

What truly sets this movie apart, is not the plot or the acting or the cinematography (all of which are stunningly blended): but the absolute richness of Deadpool. Wade is a constant fountain of humour without seeming forced, he floats back and fourth seamlessly from breaking the fourth wall to the plot and simultaneously demonstrates a level of logic that is at once blunt and relatable.

Between the gradual introduction to the character from the online hype and marketing campaign to the flawless execution of the origin story I do not believe I have ever been as fully satisfied with a comic inspired movie. I encourage everyone to look at the interviews with Ryan and understand the struggle he put forward to make this movie possible and to make it right. I applaud his team’s efforts and I hope that this will introduce a new standard for movies in the future. You’re in for a treat.