About Me

Hey everyone, I’m a business student in Canada that has finally realized his love of writing. Recently, I have started working on a fantasy novel and I hope to start feeding some information out through this medium to get some feedback on some writing: I’ll also post to Reddit and a number of other sites once I figure out more of what I want to share with this page and I will connect all of the mediums so you won’t miss out!

Pretty new to WordPress itself but bare with me as I share my personal story of experiences on my path to becoming a writer! This will include links to resources I found interesting, useful or informative that hopefully can be used by other writers. I also want to get involved if there is any kind of established community on here so leave me a comment or contact me at andy.of.airtoa@gmail.com if you think your content will be of interest to me.

Finally, I would love to include some examples of the fiction works I have studied when I was a kid that made me fall in love with reading and eventually writing:

  1. How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Deltora
  4. Bionicle
  5. Animorphs
  6. Charlie Boone
  7. and most recently what has gotten me back into reading: The Witcher

There are many more obviously, but these would be my main roots: The novel I hope to create is closest alignment to the Witcher as I hope to explore more mature themes such as war and romance that are not present in youth fantasy. irish-landscape1