Book Update 2 and Character Jumping?

sword-out-of-this-world-hd-wallpaper-142945360820Hello everyone! Well I have written almost 23, 000 words on my book and I am very pleased with what has gone on so far especially as I have figured out this wonderful scene I am currently writing that I think teases a lot of magic for the reader.

But today I’m going to discuss character jumping, like the narrator switching characters. So some of the time my narrator can tell Kayden’s thoughts or mood as in many novels and other times I restrict our view of Kayden’s mind. particularly if I want to use one of his actions or speech as the mode of delivery. I think one of the fun things I have done, and something I have seen other writers do, is because we don’t know much about this character we don’t know exactly how he will act, keeping the reader guessing.

Recently, I added a scene from the view of Garfield, a mercenary that Kayden encounters; however Garfield’s thoughts are shown less through the narrator in this scene where he hasn’t encountered Kayden yet. Fast forward to thier meeting we are “anchored” to Kayden’s thoughts and perspective. We notice what he notices.I think if I continue to occasionally jump it will create a little bit of dramatic irony and perhaps tease the reader into having to put effort into deciding what these character’s are truly like and discovering different rhythms of each. I’m curious to see how this fairs.

Finally, I have a scene where we are anchored to another character while he meets Kayden yet again showing our character in a different light. I think this technique will provide an overall fuller picture of who my characters are. Let me know what you think of this technique or if you have read it before: I tend to think of the scene in Harry Potter 6 where Belatrix visits Snape and we see how Snape interacts with them.