Book Update 1: No Turning Back Now


So as you may have noticed I took a blog hiatus in order to tie up some real life projects as well as write! The book and concepts are becoming better shaped in my mind and on paper after this period and I am excited to do more! Here is a brief summary.

  1. What is written: Well the first chapter is completely finished (for now) that is baring any revisions I later make to the story line, but I have been consistently happy with the third draft. The second chapter is finished in its story capacity though I will be shortly going back and doing a second draft to make it a little more reader-friendly and trimming it. The third chapter (a short one) is almost complete in its first draft. I have also completed a short bit of lore I hope to slide in to what I am guessing will be the fifth or sixth chapter. I expect the first (that’s right) novel to be no less than 20 chapters (I have no idea maybe 50…or 15?). All included it currently totals about 15,000 words.
  2. What Is decided: I have maps encompassing much more area than will be covered in the book and over 45 countries/regions that 90% of you might never hear of more than once. I needed to understand the full background and political history of “Alle Orte”. I also have decided a million things about magic, characters and lore. I will probably tease this as it gets finalized.
  3. What it is about: There is magic but the book is not about magic. the book is about complex individuals, true evil, war, love and most importantly how the decisions we make represent who we are as people. I want it to seem authentic so I have put effort into the backdrop, but the most important things will be right in front of you: The people. (and in some cases ogres)

Please ask questions: I don’t know where to start!



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