A Night with Deadpool (no spoilers discussion)


I had the opportunity to see Deadpool the other night in Imax and it was fantastic I highly recommend if your on the fence about seeing it that you go.

From the opening credits all the way through Deadpool created laughter that filled the theatre. Right away,¬†we can clearly see the time and effort used to put together complex film making and rich content. The first thing I noticed was the epic amount of attention to detail: we can see hidden easter eggs everywhere including funny posters, pamphlets and hello kitty merchandise that is associated with the Deadpool character. In one scene we even see Wade carrying a backpack, and though we just see the strap, it is very clearly a green Cadpat issued pack. This underlines the character’s Canadian military background and I found these small details¬†added authenticity even though it was only seen for about 5 seconds.

The story is very typical for an origin story (in plot) and though many will complain that it lacked in depth, I found it stayed very true to how a comic would have told the story. Not being a comic reader myself I must admit I felt intrigued with this type of story telling and I am actually interested (as a writer) in picking one up this week from my local comic corner to see how closely they resemble each other. Hearing about how Ryan Reynolds himself has extensively read the series, I have no doubt in my mind that I will find I am right.

To say this movie was a riot is expected, but one thing that surprised me was the amount of drama packed into it. Throughout the movie, despite his character, we feel enormous sympathy and in some cases empathy for Wade himself as we see into his relationship, his heartbreak and finally his pain. The studio has done a fantastic job blending the edgy humour and action of deadpool with the heartstring pulling ability of a tragedy.

What truly sets this movie apart, is not the plot or the acting or the cinematography (all of which are stunningly blended): but the absolute richness of Deadpool. Wade is a constant fountain of humour without seeming forced, he floats back and fourth seamlessly from breaking the fourth wall to the plot and simultaneously demonstrates a level of logic that is at once blunt and relatable.

Between the gradual introduction to the character from the online hype and marketing campaign to the flawless execution of the origin story I do not believe I have ever been as fully satisfied with a comic inspired movie. I encourage everyone to look at the interviews with Ryan and understand the struggle he put forward to make this movie possible and to make it right. I applaud his team’s efforts and I hope that this will introduce a new standard for movies in the future. You’re in for a treat.







Story and the StoryTeller


So these past few weeks I have been feverishly working over my story: filling this fantasy world I have created. So a friend, who is a philosophy major and a very read individual, has reviewed my work and told me that my writing style is atrocious. This is expected and my spirits are not dampened at all: We had the opportunity to discuss my world at length and I think he truly believes the story in itself is really good.

So if storytelling and story creating are different and I can do one but not the other I must pursue building my storytelling skills. I have immersed myself in this culture the last few weeks and I have always felt as if I have a knack for story creating. This being said to capitalize on the one I must advance the other. I have fallen in love with the writing community and I am willing to put in the commitment. I have now spoken to people in the creative writing department at my school and there was a number of graduate students who took time out of their days to help me find a few courses that would count as my electives that I could use to further my skills next year: the only problem is that to apply to these creative writing courses you have to be accepted. I’m told it’s rather competitive.

I now have a group of people including a separate writing club to contact to revise my work before I submit my 15 pages of portfolio to get accepted into the program. I have until mid-may but I am petrified. I cannot use entirely my novel so I will be including some poems: hopefully that I will post here! This means that this blog is about to see some more content! I look forward to hearing any feedback I may receive from you guys.

A final word, I have picked up Stephen King’s book “On Writing” and I am about halfway through it since yesterday despite 8 hours of class time yesterday. I feel this alone is greatly improving my writing skills in a very short time frame: I am going to re-write my entire chapter once I finish. I highly recommend the book.



Travel and Writing


This weekend I had the opportunity to travel a little with some friends and it offered a refreshing look at directions I could take my writing. Many of us often travel by plane or car very far distances and it allows a phenomenon to occur that tricks out minds into not accepting the distance traveled. We pack into a box for an hour and emerge in a land that would have taken months to arrive to by more traditional means. When we emerge our senses take on an entirely new surroundings, and we become hyper aware of the differences and wonder of our new environment. We need to give this feeling of euphoric emerson to our readers as we paint the picture of settings, jump to a new character’s perspective and feed them the skeleton of the environment in a way that reflects the mood.

The actual how of this is most likely told better by a more practiced author than myself but I realized this weekend that this wanderlust is an important part of fiction. The characters having cultures and lore of the land are elements that we find in real travel to be interesting. History buffs and world building are immediately linked, this is the element of fiction that some criticize books like LOTR for. Just as we thirst for knowledge and history in the crevices of a new city we need to feel similar as we enter stories of far off lands.
I picked up a hiking magazine and read it on my first connecting flight home and truly enjoyed it: the photos remind me of the possibilities of reality and by extension: fiction. I hope to travel more in the future and I feel I will grow every time and I thought perhaps my fellow writers could use a reminder to appreciate the act of writing through experience as well as imagination. The two need to work in concert and compliment each other to add real furniture to your writing.